Symprex Email Signature Manager 8.5
Centrally manage email signatures, disclaimers and campaigns on Office 365 and Exchange server

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Email Signature Manager templates overview.
Image 1. Email Signature Manager opens with a simple and clear overview of all your email signature, disclaimer and campaign templates.
Email Signature Manager template editor.
Image 2. Email Signature Manager includes a powerful built-in editor for designing your templates and allows immediate preview with user data.
Email Signature Manager template field selection.
Image 3. Insert merge fields in templates to merge user data from Active Directory or a SQL Server data source, such as an employee database.
Email Signature Manager template HTML source editor.
Image 4. Switch between Design and Source mode to perform advanced editing in the color-coded HTML source editor for detailed control over design and layout.
Email Signature Manager template editor preview.
Image 5. Use Preview mode to instantly preview templates merged with user data to verify design and layout is working, including any conditional statements.
Email Signature Manager template client settings.
Image 6. Control email client settings such as default email format and email fonts to comply with your corporate standard and stationery.
Email Signature Manager email disclaimer template editor.
Image 7. Optionally design and manage legal disclaimers to be appended to your email signatures, allowing for example a single global disclaimer.
Email Signature Manager email campaign template editor.
Image 8. Design and schedule campaigns to include for example news, promotions and marketing information in the email signature of every email your users send.
Email Signature Manager Test Signatures dialog.
Image 9. Test any combination of email signatures, campaigns and disclaimers, merging with data for any specific user, and test directly in Outlook or OWA.
Email Signature Manager Manage Deployment dialog.
Image 10. Managing deployment of email signatures to groups and users is simple, including send-on-behalf email signatures, and excluding specific groups and users.
Email Signature Manager Status Monitor dialog.
Image 11. The status monitor makes it very easy to verify email signature deployment is working, and helps identifying and resolving problems.
Email Signature Manager Configuration backstage.
Image 12. The configuration backstage provides access to environment, domain, deployment, mobile device signature rule and custom data source setup.
Email Signature Manager Environment Configuration dialog.
Image 13. Simply select your environment Office 365, On-Premises Exchange Server, Hosted Exchange or Hybrid, and supply credentials, and you are ready to go.
Email Signature Manager Deployment Options dialog.
Image 14. Flexible deployment options control if email signature images are linked or embedded, the update frequency in the agent and in the service, and more.
Email Signature Manager Configure Transport Agent Rules dialog.
Image 15. Add signatures to emails sent from any mobile device with automatic conversion of emails to HTML format to include HTML email signature.
Email Signature Manager Product Configuration Wizard dialog.
Image 16. Email Signature Manager is a powerful solution, yet simple to setup and deploy thanks to the Product Configuration Wizard, and easy to use once deployed.