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With more than 1 million users our products have proven themselves in the real world. The ability to scale with the needs of our customers is proven in international installations spanning multiple servers and different time zones. Our administrative tools are used by customers to manage installations with tens of thousands of mailboxes, improving branding, communication, system security, performance and data consistency.

Administration Solutions
Centrally manage email signatures, email disclaimers, folder permissions and out-of-office replies.
Email Signature Manager
Deploy standardised email signatures and disclaimers pulling contact information from AD or any database. Supports mobile devices. Built-in signature designer.
Folder Permissions Manager
Manage folder permissions on all mailbox and public folders. Add, change, overwrite, and remove permissions on any folder or folder tree. Report and template features.
Out-of-Office Manager
Centrally turn the out of office assistant on/off or change the out of office message for any user or group of users without requiring full mailbox access.
Out-of-Office Extender
Resets the sender list for any set of mailboxes every night, so that senders get an out of office reply the first time any day they send an e-mail to a user who is out of the office.