Symprex Email Signature Manager 9.0
Centrally manage email signatures, disclaimers and campaigns on Office 365 and Exchange server

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Email Signature Manager is a multi-award-winning solution designed to centrally manage email signatures, disclaimers and campaigns on Office 365 and Exchange Server.

If you are looking for a cloud-based solution, check out Signature 365.

Create and deploy email signatures to all users including merged contact details, corporate logos, social media icons and links, and even personalized content such as user photos. Apply different email signatures to different groups and users based for example on department or location, and append the relevant campaigns and disclaimers. Works on any device anywhere, including smartphones and tablets, with mobile devices supported via a number of different methods to suit your requirements and platform.
Create and append email campaigns to tell everyone about awards, events or promotions, or set up scheduled marketing campaigns that run from time to time. Deploy multiple signatures to users, such as send-on-behalf signatures, or to cover different roles or languages, for the user to choose between when using the Outlook desktop client. Office 365 signature injection by rerouting email through Symprex Azure servers, which works in the same way as our transport agent for Exchange.
Create email disclaimers including for example company name, registered office address and registration details, which is now a legal requirement for corporate email in many countries. Automatic signature updates ensure that your end users do not need to do anything for email signatures to work or be up-to-date with any design changes or new contact details. Office 365, Exchange and Hybrid environments are all supported in one single solution designed from the ground up to be a scalable enterprise solution.

How it works

Email Signature Manager is an Outlook, Office 365 and Exchange email signature and email disclaimer solution to automatically include signatures, social media links, disclaimers and other information on all outgoing emails.

Email Signature Manager is a powerful, yet easy to use, email signature solution designed for Office 365 and Exchange.

Once installed and configured using the getting started wizard, you can effortlessly create, manage and deploy consistent branded email signatures across your entire organization.

You can create and schedule campaign banners to be appended to signatures, which is a great way to tell the world about awards you won, events or promotions, or run marketing campaigns from time to time.

To help meet regulatory requirements and any internal legal requirements, you can create disclaimers that will be automatically appended to signatures. It is a legal requirement in many countries today for corporate email to include company name, registered office address and other registration details.

Email signatures can include graphics, such as logos and social media icons, and links, for example to corporate social media sites, and individual contact details merged from Active Directory or a custom data source.

Email Signature Manager also supports iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices right out of the box.

Email Signature Manager offers easy control over corporate email signatures and disclaimers, and also offers scheduled email campaign functionality.

Email Signature Manager makes it easy to include a company logo as well as other relevant images and graphics. The automatic integration with Active Directory (or other custom data source) helps ensure that signatures always contain correct contact information.

Email can be branded with full, central control over email signatures, email disclaimers, email font, email font size, colours and stationery.

You can enforce your corporate identity and brand on all emails, and you can include scheduled marketing and campaign information.

Email Signature Manager includes a powerful, easy-to-use signature, disclaimer and campaign designer for all Outlook email formats.

The flexible data source designer and field mapping allow access to user contact information from virtually any type of data source.

The deployment control is flexible with automatic deployment to all users with and detailed status monitoring.

Ensure professional email communication, with consistent signatures and correct contact information, and optionally marketing information, or legal disclaimers, on all e-mails from your organization.

Discover why thousands of organizations worldwide have chosen Email Signature Manager as the solution to their email signature and disclaimer requirements.

Download the free evaluation version and experience it for yourself.


Supports Office 365, Exchange and hybrid environments in one single solution. Fully automatic HTML email signatures for all users and devices. Convert emails sent from mobile devices to HTML.
Enforce your corporate identity and brand on all outgoing emails. Include correct titles and contact information merged from any data source. Add scheduled campaigns to tell the world about awards, events or promotions.
Append legal disclaimers. Include any information required by law on email correspondance.
Email signatures are visible when composing email in Outlook. Fully automatic deployment of email signatures to all users. Fully Unicode aware supporting all international character sets.
Immediately preview templates with merged user information during design. Preview templates merged with user data inside the template editor. Powerful conditional statements to avoid empty lines and for dynamic layout depending on merged data.


What they say

“As part of a major re-branding exercise Fairtrade Foundation needed a way of deploying standardised email signatures to around 175 users, and be able to manage them centrally.

The solution also had to be flexible enough so that the email signatures could be customised as new campaigns were launched during the course of the year.

Email Signature Manager has been the perfect solution for this requirement; the deployment and on-going administration has been an absolute breeze, and has simplified what used to be a very onerous task.”

 Yogesh Sharma, Fairtrade Foundation, UK
“We evaluated several signature solutions before choosing Email Signature Manager.

Our primary reasons for choosing Email Signature Manager were that it offered the best user interface, rich functionality, easy implementation, and it was technically the best product.

We have more than 3,000 users in our organisation and Email Signature Manager has worked smoothly and without problems since implementation.

We are very pleased with the solution.”

 Claus Haulund Christensen, KMD, Denmark

Free evaluation version

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