Out of Office Extender

  • Send automatic replies and out of office replies consistently
  • Reset sender list every 24 hours for daily automatic response
  • Improve customer service and internal communication
  • Used by thousands of companies around the world
  • Designed for Exchange Online and Exchange Server


  • Resets sender list in all, or specified mailboxes, daily, or on selected days, at specified time
  • Avoids excessive automatic replies by only sending a reply on first email from sender on any given day
  • Easy to deploy and support in any size of organization processing any number of mailboxes
  • Ensures consistent automatic replies to senders who send more than one email while automatic reply is active
  • Quick processing of mailboxes using multiple threads for fast performance even in very large installations
  • Maximize your organization’s use of the automatic reply feature in Office 365 and Exchange Server

How it works

The automatic reply assistant in Office 365 and Exchange Server will only send one automatic reply to any given sender throughout the period that the automatic reply is active.

This may be considered inadequate when an automatic reply is active for a longer period. The sender may not remember having received an out of office reply or its content.

The solution to this problem is to reset the sender list that Office 365 and Exchange Server maintain in each mailbox when the automatic reply assistant is active.

Resetting the sender list only every 24 hours avoids mail loops and a sender getting the same automatic reply more than once a day; a sender will simply get an automatic reply the first time on any given day they send an email.

Out of Office Extender includes a service that resets the automatic reply sender list daily, or on specified week days, at a specified time, for all or a selected set of mailboxes.

You configure the schedule and mailboxes to be processed in the accompanying configuration application, which also provides a status overview.

Out of Office Extender ensures automatic replies (also known as out of office replies) are sent consistently while automatic reply is active on Office 365 and Exchange Server.


  • Can help improve customer service thanks to consistent automatic replies when enabled for longer periods
  • Can help improve collaboration thanks to consistent automatic replies when enabled for longer periods


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