Email Signature Manager

  • Centrally manage email signatures, disclaimers and campaigns
  • Support for all email clients including Outlook and mobiles
  • Used by thousands of companies around the world
  • Designed for Exchange Server
  • Also works with Office 365
  • Multi-award-winning solution


Email Signature Manager is licensed on a per user basis. To use this software you will need to purchase a license for the amount of users that you will use Email Signature Manager to assign signatures to in your organization. Users need to be counted as individual domain users.

A license for this software is a one off license and is valid for the version you purchase and all point updates. The only time you will need to renew your license is if you upgrade to a newer, chargeable version or if you want to add more users.


New licenses

Prices include 1 year maintenance covering upgrades and technical support.

ESM00025Email Signature Manager 25-user license395.00 USD
ESM00050Email Signature Manager 50-user license625.00 USD
ESM00100Email Signature Manager 100-user license855.00 USD
ESM00150Email Signature Manager 150-user license1,055.00 USD
ESM00200Email Signature Manager 200-user license1,225.00 USD
ESM00250Email Signature Manager 250-user license1,395.00 USD
ESM00300Email Signature Manager 300-user license1,515.00 USD
ESM00350Email Signature Manager 350-user license1,635.00 USD
ESM00400Email Signature Manager 400-user license1,755.00 USD
ESM00450Email Signature Manager 450-user license1,875.00 USD
ESM00500Email Signature Manager 500-user license1,995.00 USD

Please contact Symprex if you need pricing for larger licenses.

Upgrade licenses

Upgrades are available only from previous major version to current major version.

Prices include 1 year maintenance covering upgrades and technical support.

ESM00025U89Email Signature Manager 25-user license upgrade v8 to v9237.00 USD
ESM00050U89Email Signature Manager 50-user license upgrade v8 to v9375.00 USD
ESM00100U89Email Signature Manager 100-user license upgrade v8 to v9513.00 USD
ESM00150U89Email Signature Manager 150-user license upgrade v8 to v9633.00 USD
ESM00200U89Email Signature Manager 200-user license upgrade v8 to v9735.00 USD
ESM00250U89Email Signature Manager 250-user license upgrade v8 to v9837.00 USD
ESM00300U89Email Signature Manager 300-user license upgrade v8 to v9909.00 USD
ESM00350U89Email Signature Manager 350-user license upgrade v8 to v9981.00 USD
ESM00400U89Email Signature Manager 400-user license upgrade v8 to v91,053.00 USD
ESM00450U89Email Signature Manager 450-user license upgrade v8 to v91,125.00 USD
ESM00500U89Email Signature Manager 500-user license upgrade v8 to v91,197.00 USD

Please contact Symprex if you need pricing for larger licenses.

Maintenance renewal

Maintenance renewal is available for any current agreement and is optional.

Maintenance covers upgrades and technical support.

ESM00025M1YEmail Signature Manager 25-user license maintenance 1 year renewal98.75 USD
ESM00050M1YEmail Signature Manager 50-user license maintenance 1 year renewal156.25 USD
ESM00100M1YEmail Signature Manager 100-user license maintenance 1 year renewal213.75 USD
ESM00150M1YEmail Signature Manager 150-user license maintenance 1 year renewal263.75 USD
ESM00200M1YEmail Signature Manager 200-user license maintenance 1 year renewal306.25 USD
ESM00250M1YEmail Signature Manager 250-user license maintenance 1 year renewal348.75 USD
ESM00300M1YEmail Signature Manager 300-user license maintenance 1 year renewal378.75 USD
ESM00350M1YEmail Signature Manager 350-user license maintenance 1 year renewal408.75 USD
ESM00400M1YEmail Signature Manager 400-user license maintenance 1 year renewal438.75 USD
ESM00450M1YEmail Signature Manager 450-user license maintenance 1 year renewal468.75 USD
ESM00500M1YEmail Signature Manager 500-user license maintenance 1 year renewal498.75 USD

Please contact Symprex if you need pricing for larger licenses.