Email Signature Manager

  • Centrally manage email signatures, disclaimers and campaigns
  • Support for all email clients including Outlook and mobiles
  • Used by thousands of companies around the world
  • Designed for Exchange Server
  • Also works with Office 365
  • Multi-award-winning solution

Central control

  • Central control – control and manage email signatures across your entire organization
  • Legal requirements – include relevant information to comply with law and regulations, where applicable
  • Include graphics – include logos, social media icons, and any other graphics, even employee photos
  • Consistent email signatures – enforce your corporate identity and brand on all outgoing emails
  • Campaigns – use scheduled campaigns in your email signatures to tell about awards, events or promotions
  • Fully automatic – email signatures just work with no user interaction required
  • Correct contact information – merge with contact information from Active Directory or other data source
  • Disclaimers – include disclaimers or confidentiality notices in your email signatures, if required
  • Install and forget – once installed and setup by IT, your marketing team can manage the solution

Feature highlights

  • Any email client and device – supports Outlook desktop and web clients, and any email client on any device
  • Powerful built-in designer – create stand out signatures, disclaimers and campaigns using the built-in visual template editor
  • Flexible deployment – deploy your signatures to groups and users linking your disclaimers and scheduled campaigns as required
  • Email signatures are visible – email signatures are visible when composing email in the Outlook desktop and web clients
  • Source code editor – switch between design mode and syntax highlighting HTML source code editor for detailed control
  • Remote users supported – email signatures continue to work when your users work remotely or even offline
  • Email signatures in sent items – email stored in sent items include email signature when sent from the Outlook desktop and web clients
  • Immediate preview – switch between design mode and preview any time to view your template merged with data for any selected user
  • Status monitoring – use the status monitor to identify and resolve any problems with signature generation or deployment
  • User selectable signatures – deploy multiple signatures, including send-on-behalf signatures, that users can select in Outlook on desktop
  • Advanced testing – view and test your email signatures, disclaimers and campaigns in combination and merged with user data
  • Help & support – includes context sensitive help, and our first class technical support is available subject to an active maintenance agreement
  • Conditional statements – conditional statements offer advanced formatting based on merge data for example to avoid blank lines
  • Works internationally – fully Unicode compliant implementation ensures a solution that works with all languages and character sets
  • And more – control default email format, font, and font size, convert emails sent from mobile devices to HTML, and more

Any platform and any device

  • Exchange Server – works with Exchange Server 2013, 2016 and 2019
  • Outlook on Windows – works with Outlook 2013, 2016, 2019 and 2021
  • Outlook on Mac – works with Outlook 2016, 2019 and 2021
  • Outlook on the Web – works with Outlook on the Web, also known as OWA
  • Mobile devices – works with any mobile device, phone and tablet

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