What's in your email signature?

Create eye-catching email signatures, plan and run campaigns, boost brand awareness, get real-time insights and more... all from one place.
Effortlessly manage email signatures across your company with Signature 365 or Email Signature Manager.
Built for Microsoft 365 and Exchange.

Signature 365 — a modern cloud-based email signature solution for Microsoft 365

Discover the new way to manage email signatures, campaigns, and disclaimers

Signature 365 is a modern cloud-based email signature solution for Microsoft 365.

Designed from a clean sheet and built on proven technology, this super modern new solution is completely cloud-based.

Everything is managed from the cloud dashboard. It has never been easier to manage signatures, campaigns, and disclaimers.

The setup wizard gets you set up in no time including integration with Microsoft 365 and Outlook clients.

Looking for an easy way to create and deploy email signatures to all your users? Want to extend email marketing campaigns to email signatures? Need to comply with legal requirements adding disclaimers to email? Want signatures applied to all email sent from all email clients on all devices?

Check out Signature 365 today – try it 14 days for FREE!

Email Signature Manager – our solution for on-premise Exchange Server

Award-winning software for managing signatures, campaigns, and disclaimers

Email Signature Manager is a powerful email signature solution for on-premise Exchange Server environments that supports all email clients and devices.

Email Signature Manager offers easy control over corporate email signatures and disclaimers, and also offers scheduled email campaigns.

Convey your corporate identity and brand on all emails through complete centralized control over email signatures, disclaimers, font face, font size, colours and stationery.

Ensure professional email communication through consistent signatures, correct contact information, legal disclaimers, and optionally include marketing information, on all e-mails from your organization.

Try the FREE evaluation version today and discover why thousands of organizations worldwide have chosen Email Signature Manager as the solution to their email signature and disclaimer requirements.

Folder Permissions Manager

Manage folder permissions and delegates

Centrally manage mailbox and public folder permissions as well as delegates across your entire organization with this essential solution for Exchange administrators.

Amongst thousands of customers this solution is trusted by some of the world’s largest corporate law firms.

Out of Office Manager

Manage automatic replies

Centrally manage out-of-office replies for users in your organization including scheduling and templates with merge fields.

This popular solution allows staff such as receptionists and secretaries to help manage out-of-office replies.

Out of Office Extender

Enhance automatic replies

Ensures out-of-office replies are sent consistently for the entire duration automatic replies are active instead of only once.

This solution is a great way to improve customer service and internal communication in your company.