Out of Office Extender 8.3

Ensure automatic replies – also known as out of office replies – are sent consistently while automatic reply is active on Office 365 and Exchange Server.


  • Resets sender list – resets Automatic Replies sender list in all, or selected, mailboxes
  • Windows service – the processing of mailboxes is performed by a Windows service
  • Status monitoring – configuration application allows you to monitor the status of mailbox processing
  • Scheduled reset – reset sender list on specific time on all, or specific, days of week
  • Fast processing of users – the service uses multi-threading for quick and efficient processing of mailboxes
  • PowerShell not required – a simple and ready-to-go solution replaces complex PowerShell scripting!

Any platform

  • Office 365 – works with Office 365 and Exchange Online
  • Exchange Server – works with Exchange Server 2013, 2016 and 2019
  • Hybrid – works in Office 365 and Exchange Server hybrid environments

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