Symprex Folder Permissions Manager 8.4
Centrally manage delegates and folder permissions on Office 365 and Exchange server

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Central control

Central control - Manage delegate access and folder permissions on all mailboxes in your entire organization. Powerful update modes - Append, overwrite, replace or remove folder permissions on batch updates. Public folders - Manage public folder permissions in your entire organization.
Manual review and update - Browse address books and review and change delegates and permissions. Folder type updates - Update specific folder types, for example Calendar or Contacts, only, on batch updates. Command-line tool - Apply your templates or export reports using command-line or Task Scheduler.
Group update - Apply sets of delegates and folder permissions to any number of mailboxes and folders in one go. Analyse and report - Export folder permissions to CSV files and analyse and report using for example Excel. Change logging - Enable change logging to SQL Server database for audit, security and compliance.
Templates - Create reusable templates to apply delegates and permissions to groups and mailboxes any time. Export and import - Export and import delegates and folder permissions, for example in migration scenarios. Powershell not required - A simple and intuitive user interface replaces complex Powershell commands!

Any platform

Exchange - Works with Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019. Office 365 - Works with Office 365 and Exchange Online. Hybrid - Works in Office 365 and Exchange hybrid environments.